After 18 months of self-isolating, quarantining and generally keeping ourselves to ourselves the time has now arrived  when we can, once more, enjoy ourselves.  To this end, the Edinburgh Jazz ‘n’ Jive Club is commencing activities from Friday, October 22nd and weekly thereafter until December 17th. At that point we will decide where we go from there.

The programme that I have arranged, so far, is a good mix of the best in Scottish traditional jazz and will not only give you a long wished for taste of live jazz but will also give many of the participating musicians their first opportunity to play for a live audience for many months.

Covid 19 arrangements

  1. tables will be wiped down prior to attendees arriving
  2. hand sanitiser will be available at the door
  3. attendees will have to ‘sign in’
  4. masks will not be required whilst seated, dancing or drinking
  5. a card reader will be available for dealing with admission charges and subscriptions
  6. a card reader will be available for use in paying for bar purchases