Edinburgh Jazz Club Merchandise

Recordings from the club over the years

Since the club started, back in September 2000, at the now defunct Fairmile Inn, various landmark dates have been celebrated in the form of commemorative CDs. These CDs comprise recordings done at both the Fairmile Inn and Heriot’s Rugby Club over the years of the Club’s existence.

They feature  both local, Edinburgh bands and various visiting bands. None of these recordings have ever been issued commercially. In addition, all tracks on the CDs are issued with the respective band leaders’ permission.

Each CD comes with full line-up notes, personnel and recording dates.

The CDs are as follows

JnJ001: issued in 2007, shortly after moving from the Fairmile Inn to Heriot’s Rugby Club

This CD features 12 tracks by local, Edinburgh Bands

JnJ002: this is a double CD and was issued in 2010 to celebrate he Club’s 10th anniversary. There are 15 tracks by local band and 15 by visiting bands

JnJ003: this double CD was issued 16 years after the Club’s founding. Issued with a passing nod to Muggsy Spanier’s ‘Great Sixteen’  There are 16 tracks by local bands and 16 by visiting bands

JnJ004: this double CD was issued to celebrate the Club’s 20th anniversary but, unfortunately, Covid-19 reared its ugly head put the dampers on the launch. There are 10 tracks on each CD with 10 by local bands and 10 by visitors with one track from each year of the Club’s existence,

The single CD is for sale at £5.00 + £1.20 postage

The double CDs are £8.00 each + £1.20 postage

Some of the bands / musicians featured on these CDs are

Visitors: Brian Carrick, Phil Mason, Taff Lloyd, Swedish Jazz Kings, Richard Bennett, Jim Shelley, Rae Brothers, Hot Antic, Dennis Armstrong, Savannah Jazz Band,   Freetime Old Dixie, Mysto’s Hot Lips and others

Local bands: Diplomats Of Jazz. Louisiana Ragtme Band, Spirits Of Rhythm, Forth River Ragtimers, Dave Keir’s Hot 4, Harlem Ragtimers, Mike Hart’s Blue Blowers, Climax Jazz Band and others

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